10MFan Tenor Mouthpiece – Robusto

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Ligature and caps sold separately.


6 = .090

6* = .095

7 = .100

7* = .105

7** = .108  ( This replaces the 8, as it is just so popular. Easy for both the 7* and 8 tip players).

8* =  .115

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“ROBUSTO”:  Gene Ammons vibe!!! Spread, fat, warm,  with punch when pushed.This mouthpiece offers the perfect blend of lows, mids, + highs, and has a rich color palette and wide dynamic range. The sound has a really great classic warmth with beautiful punch available when you want it. More power,  punch, and brightness available than the category one Celebration and Classic mouthpieces. This has a timeless “hard bop NY tenor sound” and a modern Jazz sound is available from it at the same time, with a nice classic sizzle on top when you want it. Plenty of room to let loose with this piece. It offers great body and depth. it’s clean and powerful with a huge, full body of sound. Like all my mouthpieces, the sound “opens up” beautifully as you push it. This piece is designed to release the sound up in the palm keys. The Celebration will stay more warm up there and the Robusto will let loose for the guys that need more punch and brights up there.

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Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone


7**, 5M, 6, 6*, 6M, 7, 7*, 7M, 8