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Never have to read a crooked Big Band chart again! With the Tape-EZ, you can tape together sheet music quickly, easily, and straight.

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Anyone who has taped many music parts together knows of the first-world frustrations you can come up against. Carefully lining up the paper-just so-and as you swoop in with the tape the paper moves and you slap the tape on crooked pages yet again, which leads to all kinds of problems down the road. That frustration is a thing of the past with the invention of the new Tape-EZ, from Seawind Musical Instruments. Get your parts taped fast, and straight, every time. This device will pay you back in saved time the first big band chart you tape.

How-to Use the Tape-EZ

  • Pre cut your tape to the correct length
  • 2 page chart-front of 1 to the front of 2
  • 3 page chart-back of 2 to the back of 3
  • 4 page chart-1 to 2, 3 to 4, then back of 2 to the back of 3
  • 5+ pages, variations on above (or you might consider using a DS)

With the time you save using Tape-EZ you can:

  • Learn how to make a great cream sauce
  • Practice a second language
  • Learn the rules of cricket

Or dozens of other options. Easy taping with Tape-EZ!

NOTE: The Tape-EZ is presently designed for standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper only.


“Preparing sheet music  is a crucial step in having a great musical performance.The Tape-EZ is a fast , efficient and elegant solution to helping put charts together.” I’m already using it and as an added bonus, the clip system works for outdoor performances”
— Roberto Occhipinti

“Tape-EZ is a timesaver!  It’s a solid companion for me in speeding up any process of getting my printed music bound and put in front of my musicians in record time.  I recommend it for anyone that has large scale works on the go.”
— Christine Jensen, Juno Award winning composer

Christine used the Tape-EZ during the music prep for her amazing new jazz orchestra recording Habitat.

“I have used the Tape EZ on two orchestral shows so far, saving me time by perfectly positioning the pages for taping. Thanks SeaWind.”
— Richard Maslove, Copyist / arranger Canadian Idol, Hannibal

“As a bandleader, you quickly come to appreciate that anything you can do in advance that will save you valuable rehearsal time is always worth doing. Tape-EZ makes taping parts quick, clean, and frustration-free, and your rehearsals won’t be interrupted by players struggling with loose or sloppily-assembled parts.”
— Darcy James Argue, Grammy nominated composer and bandleader


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