10MFan Tenor Mouthpiece – The Classic

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Ligature and caps sold separately.


6 = .090

6* = .095

7 = .100

7* = .105

7** = .108  ( This replaces the 8, as it is just so popular. Easy for both the 7* and 8 tip players).

8* =  .115

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“THE CLASSIC”:  Warm, pure, focused, even sound with very good power

Focussed, warm, rich, full sound with a warmer power and a beautiful deep core top to bottom. Very flexible! It can get a classic Blue Note type of vibe. Getz, Mobley, early Sonny, etc., but also Chris Potter, Joel Frahm, Seamus, etc.   The sound is more focussed than the Robusto model.  The sound is even and pure top to bottom and projects well out to the audience. Always retains a rich, focussed sound no matter what volume level, full tone or subtone.  This is an incredible straight ahead jazz mouthpiece. Fantastic altissimo for a lower baffle mouthpiece and the intonation is amazingly locked in.
The Classic model can get more punchy than the Celebration Model, as the chamber is a little smaller than the Celebration.

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Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone


7**, 5M, 6, 6*, 6M, 7, 7*, 7M, 8