Got A Sticky G#?

Saxophone players have been struggling with the sticky G# problem forever. There has been many so called solutions such as adding a helper spring to bring up the key, non-stick powders, non-stick pads and so on. Yes, they do help, but why not just solve the problem before it sticks? For years I have been putting a wedge in to hold down the low Bb key. This in turn keeps the G# open to dry when I am not playing my horn. Its simple!! Let it dry open like the rest of the upper and lower stack keys, and it will not stick!

You can use anything really. Originally I used cork, but it kept breaking down, so I found fuel line hose from the local auto supply store works great. I cut a little notch in it to fit the key perfectly. This seems to last for years.

Remember the pad needs to be clean, and in good shape of course. Try it, you will like it!!

keywedge1 keywedge2