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Phil Dwyer Edition Saxophones

Canada’s Saxophone company, designed with a Vintage Sound & Modern Feel!

At SeaWind Musical Instruments, our commitment to build quality, meticulous setup, and high-quality materials means that when you buy a SeaWind Saxophone it plays great, and will keep playing great.

If you talk to saxophone techs and retailers they’ll tell you that many of the new horns hanging on the wall at your local music store are far from being ready to play – even horns at a ‘pro’ price point. SeaWind saxophones are individually set up by master technician (and saxophonist) Claudio Fantinato, who is also the company co-owner. After the setup each horn is play-tested by Claudio and/or award-winning saxophonist Phil Dwyer (the other company co-owner).

Our hands-on attention to detail and follow up service sets us apart from all other saxophone companies. We’re also very proud of our connection with Haida First Nation artist Jeremy Humpherville, who designed the limited edition engraving on the bells of our horns. Whether you are a working pro, or a part-timer or student looking for a horn to take you to the next level, SeaWind saxophones offer top of the line quality at a mid-level price point.

Here’s what some top professional players and teachers are saying about our horns:

“The only saxophones I play”

Phil Dwyer – award-winning saxophonist and educator

“When I first laid eyes on the SeaWind alto I was struck by the beauty of the instrument’s engraving and delighted that it played as good as it looked. Good timbre, great pitch and feel. I recommend it highly.”

PJ Perry – award-winning saxophonist

“SeaWind is the first horn I recommend to students who are ready to upgrade. Huge tone, great keywork, impeccable setup, and pride of ownership combined inspires students to spend more time playing the saxophone, and has improved the sound and quality of my bands. I have witnessed the SeaWind transformation in 6 of my students so far – hoping for many more!”

Dan Craven – Music Educator and recipient of the Prime Minister’s award for Teaching Excellence.

“This horn is spectacular! The SeaWind tenor enables me to sound like the best version of my musical self. The tone is rich and beautiful without lacking in presence or power, and the build quality is outstanding. This horn is clearly made to the highest of standards with the same love, care and passion that we all put into playing our music!”

Patrick MacGibbon – Music Educator & SeaWind Artist

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