10MFan Alto Mouthpiece – Alto Madness

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The 10MFAN original modern design answer for all you vintage Meyer mouthpiece lovers to enjoy without it being a copy: “ALTO MADNESS”This piece is fantastic, and brings back some “old school” here with some REAL character built into it!  Its got a nice deep chamber with slightly scooped sidewalls and a rollover baffle. All of you vintage Meyer and Link lovers will really dig this. Its got a full-bodied sound with lots of CHARACTER and the right resistance to push against, for a piece like this. Its all about the beauty of the sound. This is got a classic sweet alto sound and can be played pretty, or you can push it too and it can get punch! You can lay back on it for some Art Pepper, Paul Desmond, Sonny Stitt, Lou Donaldson, Johnny Hodges, etc… BUT—- you can push it for a more modern direction like David Binney, Dick Oats, etc…..


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Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone


7**, 5M, 6, 6*, 6M, 7, 7*, 7M, 8